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St. Tom's -St Joe's
          Spirit! Youth Group

High School Youth Group:

Sunday, May 18, 6 – 8 pm, “Celebrating the Year and Our Graduates.” Our final gathering for the year will be festive and memorable, as we offer our prayers and best wishes to those who will be moving on next year. Rising 9th graders are also welcome to join us!

This year we have 17 high school students and 12 middle school students taking part in summer service camps offered by St. Robert of Newminster Parish in Ada, MI, in the second half of July. This will be our seventh year participating in Service Week at St. Robert’s. They run a great program featuring prayer, community service and lots of fun. Service Week is not free. In the past, parishioners of St. Tom’s and St. Joe’s have lent outstanding support.  We would like to invite you to support us yet again this year. In two weeks, as part of our fundraiser, we will ride our bikes to South Haven, 33 miles on the Kal-Haven Trail.  Would you sponsor a rider on this trip?  A $.25/ mile pledge is a donation of 8 dollars; a $.50 per mile pledge is a donation of 16 dollars; a $1.00 per mile pledge nets 33 dollars.  Of course, you can give more or less as you are able. If you can please visit us in the lobby this weekend. Checks can be made out to Spirit Youth Group and sent to St. Thomas More, 421 Monroe Street  Kalamazoo, MI 49006.

We are so grateful for your support! Thank you all and God bless.

Please join us!

Molly and Jerry Mechtenberg-Berrigan

Directors of Youth Faith Formation,
St. Thomas More/ St. Joseph Parishes

421 Monroe Street
, Kalamazoo MI 49006
Office: 269-381-8917x262, Cell: 269-365-5031,