St. Thomas More

Catholic Student Parish

421 Monroe Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49006 (269) 381-8917

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Church and Prayer

Want to receive a daily quote from the Catholic Catechism or from the Gospels?  Check out these links:

It's great because they just send you a little bit each day, and it has links to further reading if you want to learn some more. They also archive the entire set on the website so you can go back and see a particular section if you want to. Hope you find it interesting if you decide to do it. 

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Religious Orders

Congregation of St. Joseph (Sr. Sue
 and Sr. Pam's Congregation)

The Jesuits
The Adrian Dominican Sisters
The Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters
The Benedictine Sisters (Beech Grove, IN)
Paulist Fathers
A List of Religious Order Websites

Social Justice and Peace Sites

The Hunger Site
Pax Christi USA